General Questions

Where is the badging office located?

The badging office is located in the new terminal building next to the airline ticket counters.

How do I get an airport SIDA badge?

Please contact your supervisor to determine if you are eligible for a SIDA badge.

Why do I need an airport security badge?

The TSA issued a security directive in 2009 that requires anyone with unescorted access to the Airport Operations Area to have an airport-issued badge.

What if I don’t need my badge anymore?

All badges are the property of the airport and must be returned to the airport when you no longer have a valid need for a badge.

What if I’ve changed affiliations but still need my badge?

Any time you change your affiliation on the airport (e.g., change flight schools, change employers, change lease sites), you will need to complete a new badge application and have your new Signatory Authority sign the application. Please bring the completed form to the badging office during badging hours and we will update your record.

Badge Renewals and Lost Badges

What are the badge renewal hours?

Badging hours are:

Tuesday 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

When can I renew my badge?

You are able to renew your badge 30 days prior to badge expiration.

My badge is more than 30 days expired. What happens now?

Once the badge expires it will no longer work, but you will have an additional 30 days to renew the badge. If you are unable to renew your badge within this timeframe, you must contact us at to notify us that you intend to renew the badge. This will place the badge on hold until you are able to come in and renew the badge. If you do not renew the badge or contact us during this period, your badge will be considered lost and you will need to begin the badging process from the beginning to obtain a new badge. If you fail to return the old badge at this time, you will be charged for a lost badge.

How do I know my badge is expiring?

The expiration date of the badge is printed at the bottom of the badge. The badge expires every two years on your birthday unless you are a Movement Area Driver.

What happens if I lose my badge?

Please immediately report all lost or stolen badges to the badging office. You will need to complete the lost badge form and have it signed by your Signatory Authority. Bring the completed form to the badging office during badging hours.

The fee for replacement badges are:
$100.00 for the first badge replacement.
$200.00 and repeat the training for the second badge replacement.
$200.00, repeat the training and obtain approval from airport management for the third badge replacement.

What is the fee to renew a badge?

The renewal fee is $15.00.

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Advisory Regarding COVID-19: Reduced badging office hours to only Wednesdays from 11am to 1pm.Learn More